Welcome to Groomingdales of Paradise!​​​

Welcome New Clients
We love seeing all of the new clients and their pets coming through our little Paradise salon! We want our salon to be a safe and relaxing environment for humans and animals! Do ensure that it is, we have some guidelines for our human clients to read through a sign. All new clients must​ sign a contract prior to the pets first appointment. Here is a sample of our contract.

Matted Fur - As groomer we see many pets here who have matted fur, or fur so knotted that it is extremely difficult or even impossible to brush out. We do our very best to keep your pet comfortable and safe while they are in our care, but removal of these mats can be largely uncomfortable. The groomer will discuss removal options with you, but be advised that they may need to be scissored or clipped out. If your pet is severely matted in some areas that do require a close cut to be made, it is possible – regardless of groomer’s attentiveness – that the skin may tear. The groomer will show you any injuries sustained during grooming.
Aggression – Coming to a new environment filled with noise and smells can be overwhelming for your pet, causing them to be nervous or scared. Even if they are not aggressive at home, they may become so here. We do muzzle dogs showing signs of aggression for the safety of our staff AND your pet; we do scruff cats to restrain them for the safety of our staff and your pet. We (Groomingdale’s) reserve the right to not groom a pet that we feel is overly aggressive.
All staff members do their very best to keep your pets comfortable – especial our elderly pets. Grooming can require your pet to stand our move for lengths of time that they do not normally stand or move for. Groomers do work with your animal as best they can to ensure that they do not injure themselves. Please understand that it is normal for your older pet to be tired and a little sore. Groomingdale’s reserves the right to not groom an elderly dog if we believe that it is unsafe for the animal or ourselves.
Groomingdale’s reserves the right to deny services without given reason to any consumer.
Our prices are subject to change and are based on groomer discretion.
Cancellation/Late Policy: Your appointment is time set aside for your pet, and your pet ONLY. We ask that you please give your groomer 48 hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. Any less than 48-hour notice will result in a 50% charge for services, or a $25 charge for new clients, before another appointment time is given. If you are 30 minutes late or more for your pet’s appointment, the groomer has the right to reschedule your appointment for another. A missed appointment without a prior phone call will result in a 100% charge for services, or $40 for new clients, before another appointment time is given.